Universal Wallet Integration

Bantupay wallet currently supports only XBN and BNR.
I suggest the team to include support for other projects in bantupay wallet and maybe provide long term holders interest in the form of Bantu’s own native token i.e, XBN.

Suggestions on improving this idea is highly appreciated :blush::v:


@sellm Thank you for the suggestion :hugs: Your feedback has been well received.


Well, I’d suggest something like a bank or a vault be implemented where bantunians can lock their XBN and get rewarded on either daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis as the case may be.
So doing, lots of XBN would be locked out of the market there by spiking the price and reducing the amount of XBN out there.


Yeah, so we can have other cryptocurrency wrapped on Bantublockchain

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Very nice suggestion means that we can now open Bpay for others crypto.

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Other tokens can be implemented on Bantu Blockchain, what I’m not aware of is that interest you are talking about… Maybe Bantu should tell us more on how to do that, Bantu has been rewarding us since before Mainnet so I’m sure they have something in store for hodlers :blush:. I am because you are!

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