Update your BantuPay App to v.2.1.0

The update on the Bantupay App is a great way to begin your trading at Timbuktu P2P Exchange as it is use to authorize login to the Timbuktu Exchange website.
What I like in the new update is that the respond of the App to login and other actions after this recent update is faster than the previous version.
On the home page, the swap button was also added to allow the swapping between assets.
Under Settings - Wallet, the update added Wallet Mode that allow you to switch between Mainnet and Testnet.
It also added Curated Assets where, in the future, you can possibly add other assets build on the Bantupay Blockchain Infrastructure.
You should download the update and have a great experience.
@decentralizednubia or @olutaiwo can add their inputs please.

Sign: Mrconfirm of BantuTalk
Mrconfirm of BantuPay


Nice! short and concise.

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Nice writ up @Mrconfirm