Username not linking

I have been trying to link my bantutalk username with the telegram bot but it keeps saying invalid username and I’ve already verified my account.

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Me too, my username not ferivied in bot telegram

Sakin din ayaw mg link Ng username ko Kay bantutalk

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Hello @echoreyalyn i just helped you edit your username on here to make “e” lowercase.
Now go on BantuPay App and enter your BantuTalk username with ALL lowercase small letters


You too @unuyzx please do the same as advised above

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How can I earn in this platform

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Personally, I noticed the user name is case sensitive. Can be edited on the BantuPay app

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@echoreyalyn You should join

And participate in all the activities to get more rewards as well.

@Nyuykonge Correct… :100:

My username not ferivied in bot telegram.
The username you have entered is not linked to your BantuPay Account, Please link it to verify your account.
Press /SetBantuTalkUsername again.

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Gjata66 e il mio username

Gjata66 e il mio username ma capisci italiano o no

Please I’m having the same issue, my username is invalid, that’s what the telegram bot is showing, help please.

@gjata66 & @skillz i have helped you both to edit your BantuTalk username. Please make the adjusts on BantuPay App to ensure ALL lowercase letters
Should be good now!

@leliwa29 need to ensure your BantuTalk username is edited on your BantuPay App. Check your profile in settings.

Same here. Please help me with it.

My username is not connecting, why

@davidakintan @Chuchu8 For BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames: everyone should all use lowercase

Help me too and ı don’t understand what is my BantuPay adress. Wallet adress?
My username is same everywhere just fix this, help me :slight_smile:

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@cryptod3vil Your BantuPay username is all it takes to send, swap and receive crypto assest on the Bantu network.
To get your BantuApp public address:

Go the Bantupay app
Click on XBN
Click Receive
Copy the address to non BantuApp wallet