Visa Collaborates with the Bantu Blockchain Foundation to Educate and Foster Financial Inclusion and Empowerment; in Africa and Other Emerging Economies

The world leader in digital payments Visa, is collaborating with the Bantu Blockchain Foundation (Bantu), custodians of the Bantu Blockchain Network infrastructure, to connect its digital asset-linked Visa cards to the Bantu Network Token (XBN), a utility token developed by Bantu to facilitate fast and secure transactions on the Bantu blockchain.
Head of Social Impact in CEMEA for Visa, Carl Manlan also said “Visa believes that greater financial knowledge can empower people to better manage their money and improve their quality of life. We are delighted to partner with Bantu to help young people learn the fundamentals of personal finance, including budgeting, saving and responsible spending

Bantu is also joining Visa’s Fast Track Programme which makes it quicker and easier for Visa’s fintech partners to build and deliver new commerce experiences on Visa’s payments network. Bantu will be the first Africa-led Blockchain Infrastructure to enter this strategic partnership.
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