Waiting for Bantu Rewards

How can i get Bantu rewards ,please guide me


There are two recognized means of earning more XBN and BNR

1. BNR reward for referral sign up on the Bantupay app.

For each individual who signs up using your Bantupay username as referral ID, you get 50BNR while the individual gets 100BNR.

The Reward is credited immediately to your Bantupay wallet after the individual successfully completes the Twitter task on the Bantupay app.

2. XBN Reward for Bantupay bot referrals.

Here you refer using your referral link obtained from the Telegram bot @BantuPayBot

Send command /referral to the bot to generate your Bot referral link.

You get 10XBN for each friend who successfully completes the profile update on the bot.
This Reward is queued and paid automatically by batch after validation.

I have not been getting referral rewards. What could be the issue

Referring to the point 2 above, I noticed that I have some pending xbn on my BantuPayBot wallet, yet to be credited. any possibility of getting that credited to my wallet or not? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you shared your referral link with your referrals, it’s also reasonable to assist them through the process of registering and fulfilling all the tasks.

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You would certainly get the rewards, provided the pending tasks are done correctly and validated. It would be great to assist your referrals with theirs if they experience any difficulties.

If you or they need any help, please reach out on the telegram group @banturewards

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I see. Thanks for clarifying