What are you doing now that XBN is cheap?

Since XBN has never been this low, a long-term investing strategy is possible even with small resources.

Together with global inflation, all financial assets are at low levels. However, the markets never stays down for very long because they always rise and set new all-time highs, as history has repeatedly demonstrated.

Now more than ever is an opportunity to get some more XBN while it’s still inexpensive and simple to acquire.

Don’t know where to find more?

You can get additional XBN for the future on Timbuktu Exchange or on any of the other decentralized exchanges where XBN is listed.


If you look at the order books on Timbuktu.exchange or fmfw.io you will see that there is very little available at these low prices. There is about 2.1 million XBN under 1 cent US and another 2.1 million between 1 cent and 10 cents US on fmfw.io
For the lucky person who picks these up now they will see a many multiple return on their investment. If nobody buys them up I’ll probably do so myself.
This final quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 will put pressure on prices to the upside. Visa and the other top 10 blockchain Bantu is partnering with ( announcements to be made during the next 2 quarters will put Bantu / XBN on the world map.

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