What can you do with Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain can be applied in a large variety of sector. This includes trade and commerce, healthcare, governance, agriculture, and many other. In addition, it has numerous potential applications. It could have an impact on the pledging of collateral, on the registration of shares, bonds and other assets, on the transfer of property tiles, on the operation of land registers, etc.
One of the key advantages of blockchain technology is that it allows to simplify the
execution of a wide array of transactions that would normally require the intermediation of a third party, such as a custodian, a bank, a securities settlement system, broker-dealers, a trade repository, or other third parties.
In essence, blockchain is all about decentralizing trust and enabling decentralized authentication of transactions. Simply put, it allows to cut out the middleman
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How can public sector built service or business around Blockchain Technology?

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Why is government across the globe not embracing the technology

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The middlemen are fighting back.
Those who are afraid of change are fighting back.
Those who doesn’t want freedom for people are fighting back.
Politicians are afraid of the possible impacts of blockchain to free their slaves.
Nevertheless, Blockchain have come to stay.
You either embrace change and adjust or be forced to change.


@Lerato There are many possibilities that can be implemented on Bantu blockchain scalable solution for public and private. One use case that’ll produce massive impact on national growth is record keeping in public sector.
The integrity and reliability of the records being kept by the government agencies.E.g Schools, hospital, Crime and criminal records, courts etc. determines our ability as nation to plan, grow, deliver justice and other things… Blockchain can improve public sector record keeping.
Public sector can Tokenize their value and service on Bantu blockchain…
For example imagine Government of Lagos state, Nigeria Tokenize fourth mainland bride! That’s Lagos government taking advantage of
Bantu Token Creator Tokenizing 4th Mainland Bridge
Can you imagine the impact that’ll have on the life of the citizens, the financial freedom that’ll give the people of Lagos and Nigeria? And the Revenue that’ll be accrue to Lagos Tokenizing the bridge?


We will always be ahead of them because we accept the power Blockchain holds for humanity like you and me and that’s reality to them also but they consider it as money laundering because they did not want us to be financially free…


What we can do with blockchain technology for me everything that we can do with our physical wallet can be done with a blockchain technology and With the usage of our powerful currency xbn, we can do everything that physical cash can do.


The above map shows the current state of the regulatory climate in relation to blockchain.
The light green colours denote regions where regulation is light and the dark green regions denote areas where regulation is tighter.
Regulation: this is such a grey area now with some countries totally against, others totally for & many in between… This leaves entrepreneurs and investors alike seeking alternatives and workarounds, which can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding.

It’s been mentioned that if getting a startup off the ground is hard, doing so for a blockchain startup is about 10 times harder…


@Flexcodec Absolutely, With Bantu and XBN- in our wallet, there’s no limit to what you can achieve… The possibilities are endless.

@Mrconfirm Governments are realizing They Can’t Ban Digital currencies…More blockchain use cases will continue to emerge to tackle bad actors. It is essential that politicians weigh both the costs and the benefits of blockchain-based governance systems.


I agree thank you :+1: