When Your Bantu Secret Key is Discovered by a Hoodlum

So I asked a question on telegram: in an event of comprise or suspected discovery of my secret key (stored somewhere “secure”) by a third party, is there a provision for generating a brand new key to override the previous one?

From the response I got, the answer is No. The only way around the problem is to move any fund in the compromised wallet to another/new wallet.

Any more suggestions or ideas on this?

@BantuSpirit Unfortunately the answer is NO. BantuPay is a non custodial wallet.

Everything begins and ends with you. You take full responsibility of whatever happens to your wallet.

If for any reason your wallet is compromised, there is nothing anyone can do for you.

Bantu Blockchain Foundation is fully aware of this and that is why during the wallet creation procedure, you are adviced on how to treat your secret key.

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Thanks @epaepa for your explanation.

I also got more insight from @olutaiwo explanation here Crypto Wallets: Custodial vs Non-Custodial Wallets

You are very welcome @BantuSpirit. Remember Bantu is for humanity, Bantu is for you and Bantu is you…

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@BantuSpirit hopefully as you became aware of this compromise you immediately proceeded to create a new BantuPay wallet account and transferred all your assets tokens over.

Yeah, that’s right.:+1:

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Ok good! Well done :+1:t4:

@epaepa Sure, Bantu for all of us. You and I :smiley: