Why Bantu is not allowed Capital letters in username?

It is very disappointing! I use capital letters in most of the account username. But BantuPay doesn’t allowed this! Even, binding Twitter username in BantuPay wallet is terrible! Every time I entered capital letters and it converted into small letter! Even though I completed social task but didn’t receive yet BNR?


Hello! @saddafe1 putting your Twitter handle in lowercase on BantuPay profile doesn’t hinder you from receiving the tweet reward.
You need to ensure you entered your Twitter handle with an “@“ and do this prior to retweeting.

So please try this method again

I cant take the xbn form telegram

@Teyr10 Your BantuPayBot balance will be deposited into your BantuPayApp username wallet address automatically once your information and friend referral info submission is validated.

@olutaiwo good morning please can you take time to give me a summary of the BantupayBot?

@mjbrus Bantupay Bot- Definition, Explanation and how it works