Winning Mitambo

Hello Bantu,
I believe we are all having fun with the mitambo games. I tried the Kinshasa arena once and expected to win because I am kinda lucky​:smirk:(well, people say so a lot) but sadly I didn’t win​:persevere:. I was annoyed but I am coming back with full force to the Luanda arena​:money_mouth_face:. Congratulations to the other winners but Luanda here I come​:joy::joy:

P.S: join me at Mitambo I can’t wait to win.


hahahahahaha would have loved playing but I have limited xbn to spare

It is a good idea to hodl xbn but you can refer people, get more xbn then try your hands on winning. You might be half as lucky as I am🤣

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That’s the spirit! :muscle:t5:

Good luck in the next draw!:crossed_fingers:t5:

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