XBN price and the effect BTC recovering might have on it

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Just a little to ponder on.

Considering the recent listing of XBN on a couple of exchanges and the tremendous positive effect it had on the growth of XBN, and let not forget, there’s more listing to be announced soon. What do you think the price of XBN would be in the first quarter of the year?

Effect of BTC on XBN
We all know the price of BTC does have effect on the price of other coins like we’ve all seen in recent times; but it’s recent dip hasn’t affected XBN in anyway.
So the question is, would the recovery of BTC have any positive or negative effect on the growth of XBN?


bantu XBN to the moon


Let’s have XBN/BTC pair first :joy:

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It’s flying under the radar! :small_airplane:


I think if xbn had paired with BTC before now , it could have affected xbn too sha. I think we gotta be careful choosing xbn liquidities and pairs o. Tho I know both pairs/liquidities has positive and negative effects


Many Alts and stable coins benefit’s from BTC recovery or rise. So personally o think Xbn might go magical when BTC starts rising again :muscle:t4::rocket:

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it will have a positive effects on XBN if BTC rises up,bantu is here to stay