Happy Friday Bantu!

#TGIF :pray:t4:

Congratulations to @gen2soul @beyondlife @Biziboi for participating in the #BantuHuntMeme Contest Phase I and continuously creating engaging meme content on Telegram: Join Group Chat 5

You have attached your links onto the BantuTalk Community Forum; 6 1 thus qualifying as this week’s winners for #BantuFriday Giveaway.

Each participants will be receiving 100 BNR each.

You have 24 hours from the time of this announcement to respond with both BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames otherwise random replacements will be made from other qualifying participants.

You must leave your details below, (in the Comment section) of this Bantu Giveaway XII thread👈🏽

#BantuHuntMeme on BantuTalk is now live!

If you wish to earn a chance at the 10,000 BNR Bounty and/or qualify for next Friday’s Bantu Giveaway, visit the Bantu Meme Community & create your memes now! Telegram: Join Group Chat 5:point_left:t4:


Be Empowered! #Ubuntu


Bantupay: sylvanushenry

Up Bantu #Bantuhuntmeme :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :100: :100: :fire:

Bantutalk username,: gen2soul
Bantupay username’: jolex

Thank you!
BantuTalk username: beyondlife
BantuPay username: beyondlife

Conbantulations to you all: @gen2soul @beyondlife @Biziboi

Keep up the great work guys! :muscle:

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Thank you. I really appreciate your supportive words. Keeps us going when our community inspires us to do more :slight_smile:

Congrats and enjoy your BNR

Thank you @Biziboi @beyondlife @gen2soul
Congrats guys!!!

Love the Community support @Hanyi & @siwoks :pray:t4:

Everyone be sure to submit your questions to the AMA thread here on BantuTalk. As that is where we will be extracting questions from for the event, as well as next week Bantu Friday’s qualifiant selection.


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Bros thank I very much. Is been a while