Happy Friday Bantu!

TGIF :pray:t4:

This week’s BANTU FRIDAY Giveaway goes to the first movers who’ve submitted for the Bantu Writ up Challenge thus far here on BantuTalk
#Harambee :handshake:

Congratulations to:



Each participant will be receiving 100 BNR each.

BUT :point_up:t4: :hushed: … there’s still room for one more lucky participant to qualify for the Bantu Giveaway to receive 100 BNR, IF THEY SUBMIT THEIR ‘WRIT UP’ WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS.

Each winner has 24 hours from the time of this announcement to respond with both their BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames, otherwise random replacements may be made from other qualifying participants.

You must leave your details below, (in the Comment section) of this Bantu Giveaway XVI thread👈🏽

The BANTU WRIT UP Challenge is still ongoing and accepting submissions. So if you wish to participate and qualify to earn some BNR, visit to learn how now.

Be Empowered! #Ubuntu

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Bantutalk username:janellas02
Bantupay username:janerellik02


Sorry @Janellas02 doesn’t work like that.
Need to submit your writ up about BantuPay FIRST!

Read the post again

Thank you for the reward.
Congratulations to us
BantuTalk Username: mrconfirm
Bantupay Username: mrconfirm

Thanks for the reward.
Bantutalk: hilenen
Bantupay; hilenen