Happy Friday Bantu!

TGIF :pray:t4:

It’s BANTU FRIDAY Giveaway here on BantuTalk where each week 3 lucky participants are randomly selected to receive 100 BNR each for their consistent participation and selfless contribution to the growing BantuTalk Community #Harambee :handshake:

Congratulations to:




… And an extra special selection for one more participant.

@gen2soul will also be receiving 100BNR.

Each winner has 24 hours from the time of this announcement to respond with both their BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames, otherwise random replacements will be made from other qualifying participants.

You must leave your details below, (in this Comment section) of the Bantu Giveaway XVIII thread :point_left:t4:

:hushed::point_up:t4:Interested in earning some BNR?

Join the Bantu Writ up Challenge


Be Empowered! #Ubuntu


Thank u @decentralizednubia .

Bantutalk username: gen2soul
Bantupay username: jolex

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Thanks a lot @decentralizednubia. I really appreciate it. Congrats to the other winners. #Bantutothemoon

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Bantupay username: siwoks
Bantutalk username: siwoks

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Congratulations @siwoks

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Conbantulations :partying_face: :tada:to you guys:
@stepharnite @siwoks @gen2soul

Thank you, Bantu!!!

Bantu Talk username: hanyi
Bantu pay username: hanyi


Bantutalk: stepharnite

Bantupay: stepharnite

Thanks for the winning streak be expecting more from us, TOGETHER WE GROW

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Thanks a lot, congratulations to you too.

Thanks a lot. Congrats. Hope to win more.

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Congrats, bro. Your articles are really great.

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: thanks boss I appreciate… let’s keep the support tight :muscle:

@Hanyi @siwoks @stepharnite congratulations to u all.


Thanks boss, we appreciate

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