EARN SOME BNR! Tell us about your BantuPay experience

Hello Bantu!

Looking to earn some BNR on the BantuTalk Community?

Then accept this Challenge :relieved:

In case you didn’t already know this—

BantuTalk is the Bantu Blockchain community forum created to offer a platform for sharing ideas and collaboration on Bantu Blockchain-related projects, and activities. It is where the vibrant community of users, developers and traders come to hangout.

Most importantly, it is a place for learning all the wants and need- to-know hows of Crypto, Blockchain, Bantu and Third-Party projects being built on the Bantu Infrastructure. (Have a look around the forum :eyes:) #HappyReading

We want to ensure Bantu is providing the best knowledge for YOU as-a Blockchain Enthusiast, with an opportunity to showcase what you’ve learned thus far… So here’s a challenge :nerd_face:

Earn BNR? Heres how to qualify:

  1. Create your OWN new thread topic; telling us what you like and noticed about the recent BantuPay App upgrades to v.2.1.0 ( i.e mods, features, specs, userx, etc)

  2. Category: Bantu Community Challenge ( like we did here :point_up:t4:)

  3. Must be atleast 50-100 words to qualify

  4. Tag both @decentralizednubia or @olutaiwo

  5. Sign w/ BantuTalk and BantuPay username

The closing of this Bantu Writ-up Challenge will be announced 24-48 hours in advance

Happy writing Bantu :writing_hand:

Be Empowered!


This is an awesome challenge with great wining prospects. I’ll participate. :hugs:


Sure it’s a great project that will push a great deal of humanity

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Thank you for the reward. I appreciate.

Bantupay Username: mrconfirm
BantuTalk Username: mrconfirm

Wrong thread boss. @Mrconfirm need to post this on the appropriate Bantu Friday Giveaway thread

Ok. Thank you for the information

The project is definitely going to be a boom on it’s launching


Ty his is wonderful :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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And great begot the Greatest🌟

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