Happy Friday Bantu!

TGIF :pray:t4:

This week’s BANTU FRIDAY Giveaway on BantuTalk once again goes to the amazing participants that have been engaging on the BantuTalk Community and shared your experiences Trading on TimbuktuX. You will be receiving 75BNR for each question (375 BNR each)
#Harambee :handshake:

Congratulations to:




Bantu would also like to give a special shoutout to those whom have consistently showcased Leadership within the growing BantuTalk ecosystem. You each will be receiving the 100BNR each Bantu Friday Giveaway… PLUS a surprise bonus :gift: at the end of the month!

Keep up the #BantuSpirit :crown: :raised_hands:t4:




Each winner has 24 hours from the time of this announcement to respond with both their BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames, otherwise random replacements will be made from other qualifying participants.

You must leave your details below, (in the Comment section) of this Bantu Giveaway XX thread👈🏽

Share your experience here on BantuTalk today!!!

Be Empowered! #Ubuntu


Thanks for the winning streak once again, looking forward to making a great impact within Bantutalk and lots more…

Bantutalk username: stepharnite
Bantupay username: stepharnite

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This is great honor. Thank you very much…
Bantutalk username: lusim91
Bantupay username: lusim91

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Bantupay username: jolex
Bantutalk username: gen2soul

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Woohoo! Conbantulations to you guys :tada::tada::tada: @lusim91@Chreb20

Thank you, Bantu!

Bantu Talk username: hanyi
Bantu pay username: hanyi


Congratulations to ALL excluding @Chreb20 as you are disqualified for not submitting your username info during the given time period


@decentralizednubia thank you boss lady… Awaiting the rewards to drop.

Yeah,I quite understand,I was indisposed for some days,I believe I will be available the next time I win to claim my precious :heart: XBN :grinning:

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U should be receiving notifications through ur mail na