My experience with Bantu XBN trading on Timbuktu

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(1) What experience did you have buying, selling, trading, speculating, and/or investing with Bantu XBN on Timbuktu P2P exchange Timbuktu

(2) Which strategy, if any, were you using before buying, selling, trading, and/or investing with Bantu XBN token?

(3) Which currency do you change your XBN token to like XBN / USD into cryptocurrencies?

(4) What is your trading experience?

  • Beginner trading
  • One year trading
  • Two years trading
  • Three years trading
  • Expert / professional trading

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(5) How are you adjusting and planning your future Digital assets investments after reading/ watching all the tutorials or videos on BantuTalk?

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  1. I experienced alot from Bantu down to Timbuktu exchange even through out the testing period, it was such an amazing event just like when we first started with Bantupay back then making transaction with each other’s username.

But actually I personally did not see it coming that $xbn will have there own P2P exchange untill the day it is announced on Bantu AMA and I am happy to be part of the journey because I believe we P2P testers make a great impact in improving the platform so my trading experience on the platform is top-notch.

  1. Before buying and selling I don’t have much strategy than just to follow up with the ongoing event and when MITAMBO was introduced I always try my luck and it’s fun for me.

  2. Hmm :thinking: I have not sold any XBN to be precised but I buy xbn with USD,BUSD and NGN on Timbuktu exchange so I always place order to fill my bags even though I am a MERCHANT.

  3. Next year February will make it my 5 years in trading…
    My trading career is very rough from the start and I bear many loss because I did not have a MENTOR, but am not discouraged with that either I always watch YouTube tutorials, PDF and many more because I believe I can read and understand back then, but now I have friends too anyway we make analysis together, create a Whatsapp group and people we know are so much interested in our analysis and prediction because they are lazy…

  4. Like I said earlier I don’t have any intentions of selling XBN for now, I will keep buying more and holding because there is still many use case to be covered as a project that has its own Blockchain… More miles ahead and this is just the Beginning

  5. Bantutalk username: stepharnite
    Bantupay username: stepharnite
    @decentralizednubia @olutaiwo

  1. I have been in the Crypto game for about 6 months, looking at the coins and their movements, and then I started buying and selling daily on Timbuktu about two and half weeks ago.
  2. I look at crypto currency trading from two standpoints now, the pump and dump for the short term gains in a currency, and the long-term game where something special can happen with it in the future and so it is worth building the retirement fund for the long term.

I have once tried learning from PDF and so on but it’s not working for me, am getting bored doing that :grin:


It happens sometimes, just set goals and target per day, it will help


Okay, I will give it a try anyway thanks :+1:


A few weeks ago, I decided to purchase some Bantu XBN. Before you tell me that I was too late to ride on the Bitcoin wave, I want to emphasize the fact that I was more interested in the functional aspects of cryptocurrency and how one should go about transacting.
Learning a bit here on Bantutalk, I was able to own BantuXbn token/ cryptocurrency but it came with a cost.

  1. Buying , selling, trading, speculating, and /or investing with Bantu(XBN) on Timbuktu P2P exchange was so easy to carryout and the rate of transaction was very slick, very fast, and user friendly. You dnt need a special lesson to be able to carryout transactions on Bantu/Timbuktu platform because is so self explanatory. Bantu charges is very low and the cheapest of them all.

  2. I love carrying out my trading at night when I believe everyone have gone to rest for the day. By then the exchange is not that busy because of this I will be able to monitor the rise and fall of the currency. When I noticed a drop in price I will buy and when there is a rise in price I sell.

  3. USD preferably because it give me the signal on how the price of other commodities have risen or fallen in the exchange. And also USD is generally acceptable which is also use to determined the price rate of a particular currency.

  4. I choose beginner because I still have alot to learn out there. Even though I am able to carryout some successful transactions on Timbuktu and other exchange platform, I still have alot to learn. So I m just 8month in this journey with Bantu and just fee week old with Timbuktu so I believe I m still a learner . I choose beginner

  5. I have a plan, that is why I buy and hold. I know the future of Bantu will be bright and when it does I will also be rich. I will also stake if that is allow and leave it there to multiply and I get my interest in return.
    I HV already bought a new phone with the money I got from Bantu(XBN) already and I know alot of goodies will come out of Bantu in future.

@olutaiwo @decentralizednubia

Bantutalk username: gen2soul
Bantupay username: jolex

  1. Being away for a while and coming back a lot had changed from where I left off, I was at Matimbo or Motambo where we had to stake 5 for 50, 100 for 1000 etc. Upon arrival I realised there was a new trading platform and it was P2P, that was an exciting discovery as it bridges a lot of concerns for us Nigerians. It has been only good experiences so far trading on Timbuktu exchange although I have only sold and yet to purchase and yes I hoped the price would be higher than it is currently but Bantu is destined for greatness so we follow :smiley:. I am also looking forward to being listed as one of the Merchants ( I hope I meet the criteria).
    I bad experience is that the merchants want good reviews but they do not applaud the efforts of the sellers :neutral_face: . I think it should go both ways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

  2. No specific strategy, I just wanted to test the system and it worked fine plus I needed the cash :upside_down_face: so thank you Bantu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

  3. XBN/NGN

  4. I am a beginner and my trading experience has been smooth so far, I think I have traded with 2 or 3 different Merchants so far and they all have excellent response time, I am also fast so its been smooth all the way :relieved: .

  5. I am adjusting and adjusting because I know Bantu XBN will soar in time I need to wait, the bigger challenge is holding in a time like this (including other digital assets), it is both challenging and tempting but I hope people find this reply likeable to enable me earn more XBN and BNR tokens ( and invest/stake where necessary for safety) because e no easy oh. :grinning:.

Thank you.

Bantutalk username- @dtiger
BantuPay username- @dtiger


My Bantupay username: delightdivine


(1) Using Timbuktu exchange was frankly quite easy than other exchanges.

(2) I usually believe in holding rather than trading day in day out.

(3) I plan to hold xbn for very long time would be comfortable if can convert into INR in future.

(4) Trading experience is 3 years.

(5) Will focus only on holding for long term.

Bantutalk username: sellm
Bantupay username: sellm
@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


(1) Using Timbuktu exchange for trading xbn is a great experience for me. Is a good starting point for a intermediate trader like me. I learnt how to place buy order and sell order.

(2) I usually believe in holding rather than trading day in day out. I have not sell a single a xbn since listed. I believed in buy buy and buy… Which in turn lead to sustainability of the system.

(3) My investment is for a long term no doubt. I planned building my xbn vault to an enviable status.

(4) Trading experience is approximately 1 years.

(5) Will focus only on holding for long term.

Bantutalk username: lusim91
Bantupay username: lusim91
@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


(1) I initially joined the Timbuktu P2P beta test when the opportunity was open. To be candid, after I had joined, it wasn’t easy to navigate. I had to ask @gen2soul for assistance on how to get through the different aspects of the site. I later discovered there had been a picturesque manual made available on the Timbuktu telegram group to help first-time users. Reading through it made me understand how the platform worked.
Well, it has improved a lot since it was in beta and I’m certainly sure better days are ahead considering the short time frame the team had to make it a reality. I must commend the entire team behind Timbuktu. :muscle: :clap:

I haven’t done many trades yet as I have been mostly on the buy-side of things, but I must confess my trades on the Timbuktu P2P platform have been seamless and the peers I’ve traded with have been remarkable. Kudos! :clap:

Some people may not agree, but I don’t think we need to be on exchanges anymore as Timbuktu is doing a tremendous job already. :upside_down_face:

(2) I had no strategy as I didn’t know much about cryptocurrency, though I had heard the word said at various places in the past. I think I followed the Bantu project out of keen curiosity and this made me read write-ups on crypto-related topics on BantuTalk and other fora. Come to think of it, :thinking: I may have a “hodler” mindset.

(3) At the moment, I purchase with NGN.

(4) I’m a big beginning beginner!

(5) The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) as @olutaiwo would say as well as technology improvements have given rise to possibilities that seemed out of reach of the masses and brought it to their fingertips. Concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency, I believe with accurate and sufficient knowledge and guidance, investments in this area are key and important for me and should be for everyone. I have started keeping some allocations to purchase crypto assets no matter how little every month and I hopefully intend to be consistent with this over the long haul.

Bantutalk username: hanyi
Bantupay username: hanyi
@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


1.i tried selling a few of my XBN and I wasn’t able to connect my bantupay with Timbuktu app.

2.i tried to gather as much XBN as possible before the launch of the exchange(but I must say,I was caught unaware by Timbuktu)

3.XBN/NGR experience was terrible,as I couldn’t link my bantupay with Timbuktu exchange,in fact,I thought for a moment was on the right track and I sent some XBN(500) to a Marchant .I got to know that I wasn’t supposed to do it that way.then the price of XBN dropped fast,I was devastated,I didn’t know if to get my tokens back or just collect my money,at the end I just had to collect whatever the merchant was willing to buy for.

5.I am just going to hold on to my tokens,if possible,get some more tokens as I’m reading and watching any guide/tutorials about having a smooth ride with Bantu exchanges.

Bantutalk username : chreb20

Bantupay username: chreb20

@decentralizednubia , @olutaiwo


My name bantupay @denidwi

Cool name @Denidwi :sunglasses:

Thanks sir :pray:

how to get a gift sorry I’m a beginner I don’t know

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You get gifts when you participate more on the Bantu Talk forum @Denidwi

@Chreb20 from experience I have discovered that it is easier to connect with Timbuktu using a different device (a PC perhaps) so you can just scan the code with your Bantu Pay app.

Thanks info sir
this is very helpful for me