Bantu Network Useability

What are the various projects and plans for the growth and acceptability of this noble project. I’ll love to be enlightened so I can promote it.


@Ubymaxi There are several possibilities that can be implemented on Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure. The possibilities are just endless.
For your perusal, please check the following links:


How can this technology/infrastructure help fight fraud in finance, corruption and insecurity?

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@abosede Most of the best and effective blockchain solution are not one tier solutions. They could be two or three tier solutions. One place where big data shines is actually in crime control When used along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) it could perfecly profile a criminal, predict criminal activity etc… There are several other possibilities that can be implemented on the existing software which includes automation when data from cctv etc are added to evidence/records… AI processing the data to assist with investigation…IoT devices can also be connected to the blockchain to aid data and record collection… Augmented Reality and VR to reconstruct crime scenes of several years back to reinvestigage crime cases among others. Policing and law enforcement just got a lot easier and interesting
The possibilities are just endless.


When it comes to government adaptation, it will require a lot and the governments are always on a budget of course. Sounds so cool but why is it that most governments around the world are not embracing it as it should? Is it because blockchain processes are expensive?

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@abosede True and that’s why there are significant efforts already being made by Bantu blockchain foundation to fix this friction. Bantu is building Africa strong local ecosystem of engineers, speciallist, compliance and other tech talents that will act as the backbone of Africa’s fast growing Fintech industry… who have come together to build simple, cheap, innovative blockchain infrastructure solutions and not just apps and APIs that depend on blockchains that do not provide scalability due to speed or transaction cost…

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Sky is the limit for the Bantu project!