Bantu role in rural communities

In what ways will bantu play a role to people living in rural areas in Africa as whole Nigeria as a case study because is a very good project that empowered the African community


Bantu can play good roles in the so called rural area, with the help to the communities (we). we’ re the one to educate them about the project and convince them about the propaganda of thinking Africans stuff doesn’t last. Bantu was introduce to us by someone which we are have benefited massively in it. While don’t we do the same thing by creating personal awareness for others to benefit.


@Maigana The Bantu Blockchain foundation initially focused on the African markets, catering to the unbanked, and underbanked.
Bantupay is everywhere!!! (Rural/ Urban) Empowering everyone
BantuPay wallet is functional in all locations around the globe, as long as you have a good smartphone and internet connection.
Bantu Blockchain Mainnet is live and we are already gaining traction in many continents, in over 150 countries as we speak, don’t be left behind.
Having said that, As a community leader or member of the community have role to play. it’s up to us as community leaders or members to identify peculiar challenges or needs in our communities. Then, we can partner with Bantu in developing a scalable solution to fix the friction.

BantuTalk Pitch Thursday | Identify & Fix Frictions in your Industry / Community


Undoubtedly, Bantu is a community driven project that’s aimed at empowering humanity all over the globe.

Bantu itself has laid a solid but simplified foundation for community leaders and members to come onboard to develop solutions that solves peculiar challenges within and around their communities.

Interestingly, the Bantu development team has continuously reiterated its readiness to work with anyone or groups who desires to use the platform to meet their peculiar needs.

Having said that, it’s up to us as community leaders to identify peculiar challenges or needs in our communities. Then, we can partner with Bantu in developing a scalable solution.

These solutions can come in any sector; banking and finance, health and insurance, food and agriculture, school and education, homes and shelter, etc. The list is endless. Bantu is applicable in every sector and industry.

Think it. Bantu it.



I also believe one thing that’s important or should I say a virtue we all need to attain is patience and understanding. This is because in our world today surprisingly there are still people who are yet to still understand the digital world without doubtsand you know you can’t blame them because they have been burnt before(in other words scammed before)
I am really excited that I could actually be part of this big process. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@mjbrus The onus is on us as a community member or representative to educate and expose our community’s to the endless possibilities of Blockchain technology as presented by Bantu Blockchain foundation via what we’ve launched for ALL to enjoy.

How your organization can benefit from Bantu


@Maigana BantuTalk Pitch Thursday


Come on with your idea, BantuTalk Pitch Thursday 2 is here to listen up your ideas, projects or vision on the bantublockchain

Let’s take BANTU to our campuses; the younger generation needs to embrace this opportunity early.

Embracing (investing in) Bantu as an undergraduate, is directly proportional to building a solid financial foundation for life after school.


@spiffynaxi Bantu Blockckchain Foundation will be active in grooming some young exceptional African talents to be part of our workstreams through BIP - Bantu Internship Program Stay tunned to Bantutalk for update and announcemnet about #BantuCampusInitiatives #BantuHackathon etc. Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing.
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