Bring Recharge Card to Bantu

Airtime recharge and data subscription is another thing that take people’s money aside food.
Like me, I eat and read everyday (My reading is mostly on the internet).
Aside food, I spend recharge card to read, and call family and friends.
Who will bring Recharge Card to us at Bantu community so that we can use our XBN to recharge and continue to have our Gigabyte data subscription?

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Nice idea we’ve got here… It can only be done on Timbuktu…

@Mrconfirm With Bantu there’s no limit to what you can achieve… The possibilities are endless.
That service is available via a third party Bantu partner where you can Trade & convert bitcoin, XBN, gift cards, airtime to cash securely, easily and super quick. Watch out for on BantuTalk pitch Thursday


Looking forward to that

Great. It will be really good

BantuTalk Pitch Thursday | Botmecash

Yes, I remember seeing and listening to the Botmecash Team at the Bantu Hangout in Lagos.