Community chat hour | Bantu Token Creator

Hello Bantu!
Coming on Sunday! A sneak peak :eyes:. Create your blockchain tokens with a few clicks, using Bantu Token Creator - YouTube

Join us on our Telegram Live Chat as we discuss: Tokenization.( Bantu Token Creator)
Have you tokenized?
There will be fun, Mitambo and lots of $XBN airdrops. You don’t want to miss it!

Date: 17/10/21
Time: 4pm GMT +1
Venue: Telegram: Contact @bantublockchain

You can play with the Token Creator already here: Bantu Token Creator

Happy minting


cannt wait to witness the live demo on the creation of token. At last asset tokenization is here to stay.

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I checked out the token Creator and I’m excited that it doesn’t require much tech know how.
Now, after creating my token, the next is listing.
What is involved in listing in terms of financial implication and technical knowledge on cryptocurrency?

Meanwhile @olutaiwo, I observed that the date is 10/10/21 which was last Sunday. Does it need correction or it’s me missing something.

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please send an email to :