Guide | Learn how to navigate around Timbuku P2P Exchange

Hello Bantu!
What are you waiting for? Start transacting now. Check the below link to get started


I have tried it severally,it didn’t work for me and I know I’m not the only one.let the team look into it please

@Chreb20 What problem are you having accessing the Timbuktu P2P exchange? Please share your views or experience using the below link :point_down:

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What exactly are u trying to do that u re finding it difficult pls explain more so that we will know on how to direct u

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I can’t connect Timbuktu to my bantupay app successfully.after I click on the authorization button,it takes me to my bantupay app but it is not connected.i have gone through the guide severally and still no head way

@Chreb20 How come?
Please check your connection and try again.
Make sure you have the most updated version of BantuPay App 2.1.2

Then it’s not that once it takes you to bantupay app it will connect automatically without authorization. Please wait for the authorization button to show up

At first it depends on ur kind of mobile phone, and the speed of ur phone. If ur phone is very slow in toggling it will take bring u to authorize ur account with Bantu but it will not bring u to the authorized page instead it will take u to ur normal login page.

Even if it takes u to whr to authorize and u authorized Timbuktu with ur Bantupay wallet and u go bck to Timbuktu, u will noticed the process is not successful, it will still ask u to login again

Two things can cause it. Network problem and also the speed of ur phone. If u HV alot of app that makes ur phone to slow in processing pls delete and make sure u dnt use opera mini to access Timbuktu use Chrome instead.

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Can it work with Brave Browser?

Give it a try but chrome is highly recommended