How to earn more xbn coins

How to earn more coins, because my coins has been stagnant since introduction of bantupay, where and how will I increase my coins

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Hello, @Justdati and Bantu welcome to you. :hugs:

To earn more follow this link:

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You can also buy cheap from Timbuktu P2P Exchange platform.
Merchants are waiting for your order. You have the liberty to choose your own price to buy.


There’s a challenge currently going on right now @Justdati to earn more tokens, visit

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i got only 6 XBN why

Go to @bantupaybot on telegram to earn more now

We no longer give free XBN to activate Bantupay, so to activate the wallet you have the following options.

  1. Share your wallet username with a friend to send you XBN from another Bantupay wallet or share your wallet address if they are sending from other sources.

  2. Buy XBN from Timbuktu Timbuktu

  3. Visit Bantu Blockchain Foundation
    for list of other exchanges where you can buy XBN from.

  4. Earn XBN from the Bantupay telegram Bot and on by participating in the community tasks.

My account has not been activated after the telegram task.

Hello @sheggskelvin

Looking at the other thread post you had made, you’ve seen the available methods of activation. Just choose the easiest one among the lot and get started.

For me, using Timbuktu P2P to purchase some XBN would be the fastest and easiest!

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