😮 Jaw dropping update from Timbuktux

Timbuktu now supports payments with #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and #Tron

You can now buy @bantublockchain $XBN tokens using $BTC, $ETH and $TRX.

Happy trading Timbuktu Community!

Follow up with the update here :point_right: https://twitter.com/TimbuktuX/status/1424353724676329475?s=19 and don’t forget to like and retweet :handshake:


That’s really jaw dropping, massive leap

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Welcome back boss, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you here

Whenever I see that name @dtiger I remember lion king

Bantu Big name Alex, I twale oh :grinning:

Thank you Big boss, the prodigal son returns. Abeg bless me ohh :hugs:

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You’re blessed if you can give us something in return, and that is making this place a habit you can’t do without…

Oh yes, I am back for real. Just show me the way, I dey your back :partying_face:

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Few minutes to go!
The 1st discussion in the group.
Hope you all are ready

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Why is the price going downwards and not upwards?I guess I will have to wait for the upward movement of the price then

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It’s a really good and positive move in the right direction,keep it up Bantu team,although I’m still a bit angry with the way my first and only interaction with the Timbuktu app went.if things continue on this positive level,I won’t even have cause to remember that transaction

@Chreb20 when price is low, its a good time to buy because you get to buy at a discounted price

@Chreb20 please share your Timbuktu experience click the below link :point_down:

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