Problem Account

Hi. Please help me i can’t login into my account she said “Email must have atleast 3 english character” already tried login use username but same

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@decentralizednubia kindly, take a look at the issue above

Hello @Kongguqween

Please, when was the last time you successfully logged into your bantupay wallet?

@olutaiwo look into this very confusing

What’s the username?

Don’t know the last month of December 2020 if I’m not mistaken

My username : kongguqween

Attention to Returning Community Members:

If you started with Bantu months back and just coming back. The reality is that Bantu Blockchain has evolved, the wallets you had, the FREE XBNs etc are no longer there, create new account and Please focus on the new phase of LISTING AND TRADING, NEW PROJECT

Advice: Participate more and soon you will be part of the new campaigns and some more exciting FREEBIES that will always come from BANTU.

Thank you.

why My account suspended?

What did you do?

Please share with us the error message for confirmation

Please I am trying to perform transaction in my bantupay wallet but It keep saying transaction failed try again later but i perform transaction with any problem yesterday

Please make sure there is good internet connection on your end and if you tried again and the problem is not solved wait for @olutaiwo to attend to your issue, thanks

Thank You I have tried it again it’s still the same error I am getting

Ensure your info is valid and all human friendly characters.

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Yes I have re checked everything info it’s correct and I use it for transaction the day before yesterday

What’s your username?

My username is Yusufolami19

@Yusufolami19 seems your account is suspended. What did you do that could warrant suspension of your account?

I have no clue as to why this happened I use it almost everyday to check the price of my xbn and I do send some to Bittrex for trading but I don’t know what could have gone wrong