Staking for 200% interest

This morning i woke to read an email from bantupay management. They were alerting me that the moment i have been dying for, waiting for and preparing for has arrived.

Infact this is the biggest returns cryptocurrency staking has to offer.
Being prepared, we gonna receive 200% staking returns for our bantucoins. Remember everyone else is offering from 15% to 18%. And i believe even bantupay will soon drop our % of return of staking investment.

So take advantage. Remember 200% of a 100 is =300


@Vhenyo YOU asked for it
WE delivered :laughing:


Good day Ubuntu, may I please ask, after the authorization is successful, what’s the next thing to do? (I want to be sure I am not making any mistake)

@chychydimas Staking will officially close on 31st March, 2022, after which the lock up period will begin to count for the next 6 months. After the lock up period, XBN staked and earned will be available to redeem. Read more here :point_down: Update 📢 Earn up to 200% APR in the first Bantu Staking Program!