Suggest a development program for BantuPay

If you were to suggest any development for Bantu what will that be?

For me I will say that Bantu should try listing on other trading platforms that also allow easy signup, not like bittrex.

@Nifemi have you tried timbuktu ? Share your experience in the below link :point_down:

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@Nifemi this has been taking into consideration and have been processed, do note that listing requires patient and the team have to review where to list to.

Bantu has it’s own Blockchain and there is assurance that it will be listed across many exchange while you show your support as a community member…

And please do well to try Timbuktu as you can buy with your local currency

And in accordance to suggestion, you should specify your favorite exchange as the next exchange might also not be what you want ( make people agree with your suggestion ) Bantu is offering a community driving project

Great question @Nifemi

While it is important to have an exchange where people can easily gain access to more XBN, in terms of development, the real focus is on use cases.
Bantu XBN needs to maintain sustainable intrinsic value. So ofcourse while we source out more platforms to list on, right now is the best time for Community support and tangible solutions to be developed and deployed on Bantu Infrastructure Network

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Thanks for the response, I have actually tried timbuktu and it makes sense, that’s why I added what I said that it is a contribution.

This program is wonderful.
And im proud that it represent my being Bantu people…

Any big changes will make it not unique any more.

My only suggestion is including other functions that make other blockchain projects a success.

E.g. bantupay wallet already have its own social media platform. How come we have to claim in telegram?
Why do we not claim here in bantutalk.

Im of a believe that give away rewards do not drive investor sentiment like free claims and free mining.

It does not only drive investor sentiment but also drives online traffic.

The functions that make bantupay and timbuktu are 100% innovative. And im of a believe many blockchains will be seeking to incorporate duplicative concepts from bantupay with regular functions all apps use…

And this project has everything but regular. More regular we include more investors we will have. But keep it as it is also. Just add more functions. Like direct usdt transactions to bantupay.

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I hate bittrex.

Timbuktu im with 100% but there is still room for improvement"S".


@Vhenyo We are also open to the “not-so-good” experiences. we want to see you keep those feedback coming

Hi @Vhenyo 2 key things to note as you reference BantuPay

BantuPay is simply a user-friendly non-custodial Multi-asset wallet that lets you send, receive, swap and store digital assets. The BantuPay infrastructure is maintained by the Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF),
See here—

The Bantu Blockchain (which i think you mean to refer to) or just BANTU (as we like to name it) is an impact-focused and full ecosystem based blockchain infrastructure with an ecosystem wallet infrastructure known as BantuPay wallet, which is the flagship DApp service we enabled users to experience the Network from day one since main launch in Dec 2020

It’s native token called BANTU (XBN) is a fully utility token.

The smallest unit of the Bantu Network Token is called a Spirit. 1 Spirit = 0.0000001 XBN

The Network Infrastructure is also managed by BBF.
Which you can check out here

Hopefully all this info helps provide clarity to your references :upside_down_face:

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