Token creation for a marketplace

Say I want to create a marketplace, whr local entrepreneurs get to setup an online store front to showcase their goods/product, as an advancement to the normal social media advertising. Thereby using the Bantu blockchain to facilitate transactions.


@mildosky There’s so much that can be done from Bantu blockchain regarding it’s applicability in e-commerce… Both blockchain and e-commerce involve transactions. Blockchain makes these transactions safer and faster while e-commerce activities rely on them.
Bantu blockchain infrastructure has the capacity to handle user activities such as payment processing, product searches, product purchases and customer care. Your Customers /Consumers use Bantupay wallet to make purchases in selected online stores that accept XBN as payment…
The possibilities are endless…

Creating a token seamlessly on Bantu is one thing, integrating it into the website is another. Any walkthrough processes on that? Plus is there a sort of startup fundraising for projects on the Bantu blockchain network?

The Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure is an open source, where developers can come and build upon it. That is to say, Bantu Blockchain is an infrastructure that is built to enable other organizations build solutions. You can build a business on the Bantu Blockchain using Bantu’s API/SDK. The API and SDK for the BantuPay Wallet which is available for those that want to build using the Bantu Pay SDKs…
Bantu Blockchain empowers underserved end users, freelancers, entrepreneurs, Fintech/Blockchain Developers, network validators, funders, SMEs & enterprises, corporations Public & Private Government and other Organizations. Bantu blockchain support startups in various ways such as giving funding, technical assistance etc.
In short Bantu Blockchain is to give everyone access to plug and play, easy to use blockchain infrastructure to augment their industry. Bantu Blockchain is for humanity. Everyone will be able to develop and deploy assets, create tokens as easily as pressing a couple of buttons.


You said that Bantu Blockchain Foundation gives funding to startups that want to build or are building on the platform, how does one go about it or it hasn’t be rolled out yet?

As for the Technical Assistance, that’s a top notch, I’ve being assisted before and that was within 24hrs, which makes it a great one.


We have BantuTalk pitch Thursday. A platform created to support to Developers, startups, small tech companies, Innovators etc. who are impacting the world identifying frictions and providing Innovation that will fix global economy/ community. Small tech micro business/ startups present their ideas every Thursday on BantuTalk. pitchThursday

~To Identify those that have small and micro businesses that Bantu can support by way of funding or Technical support
~We want to help those that wish to do Internship in engineering and other skill sets…

You can pitch on Bantutalk Pitch Thursday

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So I come bck to pitch my idea on Thursday

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Okay, thanks for the tip.

See you on Thursday :blush:.

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