BANTU FRIDAY Challenge 🤔

Hello Bantu Fam!

As you may know we have reached our 30th Bantu Friday where BantuTalk Community members are rewarded for their selfless support and active contribution to growing the BantuTalk Forum ecosystem. So as we would now like to pivot and switch things up as we believe the Community has earned this honor.

Bantu is Community FIRST! And continues to seek ways to drive and empower each and every single member as each person here comes with unique values to add for impact & ecosystem capacity building.

So here is your challenge;

The request is by THIS FRIDAY to have submission (as suggestions) from the Community here as to what they believe should be the Friday Giveaway activity moving forward. Open to any ideas or directions you see this Giveaway marathon going —to be sustainable. Also open to rewarding mechanism.

Please submit your ideas by this Friday… as 3 participants with the strongest/feasible ideas will be rewarded & lead Friday giveaways for the remainder of this year. Tag @decentralizednubia & @olutaiwo

Please see below for reference of a great Community Driven initiative

Be Empowered :electric_plug::bulb:


@decentralizednubia & @olutaiwo
I feel Friday giveaways should be based on content creation, could be writing about life, fiction, education, investment, blockchain, empowerment etc, with the highest number of upvotes/likes winning d contest. Also if possible attach a small reward/badge/reputation increase to voters, so as to attract engagement, as I believe people are more interested in what could benefit them.
Thank you


I would say giving something of appreciation is a community building about making your members feel like they’re better people for having been part of the community.

Rewarding members is not just about directly motivating members to increase participation. It’s about affirming their actions and solidifying their identities in the community in a way that may indirectly motivate them to participate in the long run.

Motivation and reward are not the same thing. We can’t “make” our members participate in the community through rewards alone. :point_down::point_down:

Assuming on bantutalk members are rewarded based on how many topics/posts they create before Friday, of course this forum will be flooded with posts to the extent that you won’t even know what topic you should read first. But by doing that we’re not building a community members that are motivated or passionate enough on bantutalk, we’re building a community based on what the platform have in store to offer them once they’re active and when all that have been stopped they will be gone too and everything will be empty…

A good reward scheme identifies a desired outcome and creates a reward, based upon human motivation, which changes an individual’s behaviour over the long-term.

Most active members are often those we don’t need to reward. We’re already doing exactly what you want us to do, and by offering a continuous reward you won’t know those whom there behaviour are likely to change.

You can create a special profile badge which appears next to their profile image highlighting their veteran status. The team can also get the CEO to sign letters thanking them for their support over the years and sharing a couple of thoughts about how he/she impacted the community over the last few years i.e appreciation & efficacy motivations.

Before a community members can be rewarded it must start from level 1, and the reward should not be based on there engagement on the platform but by winning a trivia or doing task around Bantublockchain ecosystem…

And we all know that before you could get to level 1 you need to engage in the community and if that continues after getting to level 1, that shows your true passion around bantutalk and each user can be rewarded for a certain months or years that you join the forum… The decision is now yours to make whether you want to retire as one of the top members…

As for the top members, of course they need to be getting a surprise that won’t be disclose to the public maybe monthly and each week one or two top members will be selected to host the giveaway for the community by taking turns, the admin will fix that by making a time table for example…

The top members in charge of a particular week giveaway should be the one to find how the community should be rewarded in a fair way

Let see how it moves the needle in our community and the the quality of their engagement. If so, we’ve found a reward scheme we should stick with.

@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


@decentralizednubia @olutaiwo I believe moving forward, the BantuTalk Friday giveaway bonus should be strictly for startups, small business owners that pitches on BantuTalk pitch Thursday as a way of encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship and to demonstrate the #empowerment vision of Bantu the spirit of #ubuntu the Bantu spirit. Read through The BantuTalk pitch Thursday thread, you’ll see real use cases, rich content, genuineness, passion and desire of young entrepreneurs to effect change in different sectors of the economy… Looks like Bantu community undermines the impact the pitch sessions is / will have on the ecosystem. With the ratification of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). BantuTalk pitch Thursday is building platform for Africans to collaborate in invention, innovation,
production and distribution in order to overcome the uncertainty and challenges brought about by change especially with the emergence of disruptive technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence… For me is BantuTalk pitch Thursday💯


Talk about the new vision of bantu and how to reach more country get representatives in others countries. Grow the foundation all over Africa west and central Africa why not east and north.

The new vision of the crypto currency all over africa and others american, European countries and Asia.

New idea about how bantu must be present on more exchanges than what we have now. strategically all about new vision of the currency and development of and tinbuktu app to facilitate the transaction and make the system more user friendly.

Bantu foundation, his vision globally for youth and also strategic of development that the foundation is planning using his crypto and how with bantu xbn we can be independent and be comfortable.

How peoples and somes platforme owner can use it as a trusted payment mode.



So everything is about Entrepreneurship what about the foundation whalen are we going for you to talk about it because the main goal for me is to bring up the social aspect to more promote the usage of the currency that would be it to be more integrated into the society and also the trade (why not)…ok what about rhe social apect because for me i think that tge most impact of the XBN will be social asap we have more social trusted we gain everything…

Now integration would be so easier…



Well, having read all the above , my question remains , what are the feasible ideas me and you’ve gotten for expanding BantuBlockchain foundation?
How much hays can we put up together b4 the sun start Scorching? Well, I’ve got mine and I believe am not alone in this . Tomorrow guy, we move…
Up Bantu
Up We Go

Bless up🚀


WOW i really love this question on Entrepreneurship @Flexcodec in response to the above submission/suggestions by @Lerato

Its a good note because i think the term Entrepreneurship isn’t discussed or clarified enough.
Ofcourse when we hear this word we automatically reference it to owning a business, running a company, building some go-to market viable product.
But theres a key missing component to this term that isnt related to and that it is about Empowerment.

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment go together because what it truly means to be an Entrepreneur is to invest in yourself (to believe in yourself when no one else does), it means to be willing to strive for something very few can see far enough to believe.
And investing in yourself can simply mean improving to become better than you were yesterday, learning a new skill set, growing your talents, challenging the way things are being done or simply create new ideas (solutions) to an everyday socio- economic issue/painpoint that you notice people facing that you yourself can relate to that experience and you have figured out a way to innovate it for better-improved standards of living.

Through which one is self empowered they then will empower others #Impact💥

It’s important to note that without Entrepreneurship, without the unique contribution, Innovations and collaborations of Individuals of a social economy, there cannot be social aspect to promote usability of any integrated currency or be feasible for trade (buying & selling) without it solving a social need for the people of that Community/Economy.
Which is another way for saying, creating value

So i love that what your question really challenges is Utility value


@decentralizednubia Startup can be said to be
the action or process of setting something in motion… To the best of my knowledge the BantuTalk pitch Thursday, is for these category of people who
want to grow with the goal of disrupting the market leveraging Bantu platform.
And talk about
Value creation is the bedrock of business. It’s what sets you apart from your competition, secures long-term customers, and brings distinct meaning to your brand and your solution. Without creating a value for your business, your unique offering will be seen as just another commodity in the eyes of your target market. A startup that can distrupt the existing market has successfully create value offering utility products and services, identifying frictions and providing Innovation to solve that friction and more importantly, the value of XBN will be expose to potential investor’s that’ll be interested in buying more Bantu XBN… @olutaiwo

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And now how can bantu can distrup the exiting market …because we already know that investor have to be yes! But how ? :thinking: i think the main object before we will talk about growing the platform and also investor and startup is how can it be possible to make the Coin available to everyone without any stress of truthfulness and also how can the startup can benefit and use it for their innovative idea and process… a lot of questions and few answers​:sweat_smile:… @olutaiwo @decentralizednubia

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@Lerato Thank you.
Point well taken… Companies all over the world whether start-up or category king companies exist to create value by fixing market Frictions… BantuTalk Pitch Thursday
One of the objective of BantuTalk pitch Thursday, is to give entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, a platform helping them to improve efficiency on the utilization of factors of production, for product utility, and business growth… You do not even need to be a startup, founder, you can be a unit lead, line manager, student in any field.
Self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people who take the initiative to pursue an innovative product or service and leverage the Bantu Blockchain as an open source, where developers can come and build upon it.
That is to say, Bantu Blockchain is an infrastructure that is built to enable other organizations build solutions.


My brother Just keep promoting and use the hear and mouth strategy to help the platforme to be promoted and share the well being of being a member of bantu foundation. :sweat_smile: their team have canvas that their following but we to we have to bring our own investment by promoting more to grow all together…


People who bring highest refferals Friday to Friday should be rewarded… If no or very less referral, bantu can reward forum contributers…


Bantu is distrupting the existing market fixing frictions in commerce & trade, payment & fintech space with cheap, innovative solutions such as #bantu-pay a User-Friendly Crypto Wallets for Non-Technical Users.
BantuPay wallet is a simple, secure and non-custodial wallet to send, receive, swap and transfer digital assests. A secure noncustodian smart wallet to enable the unbanked and underbanked persons to transfer value in seconds and with extremely low cost…
Bantu Blockchain is an open source, where developers can come and build upon it.
That is to say, Bantu Blockchain is an infrastructure that is built to enable other organizations build solutions.
Why Use The Bantu Network
How your organization can benefit from Bantu


Thanks, now i’ll use it to promote Bantu Network in Ghana :ghana: :ok_hand::sunglasses:


@decentralizednubia and @olutaiwo
I will propose a Friday Giveaway that will be encompassing and robust. The following should be taken to consideration.

  1. There should be a contents writing or articles to cover topics on cryptocurrency and morals relation to money. Money in the sense that most youths today consider money more than making life good for others. If you put money and human being together and ask some people to pick one, they will pick money and leave the human being. Cryptocurrency should be seen as not a get rich quick scheme.
  2. Problem solving posts and comments. I encourage posts and comments that help other community members to solve their problem. As we expand, we will meet people who may not be able to do some little things to begin. Wherever they find solutions should be encouraged.
  3. As content writers are been rewarded, there will be need to assess them and this assessment should not only be left for the admins. Community members should be rewarded for assessing the best content.
    This is my little take on this.

I’d suggest something really simple.
I think the Bantu Friday Challenge should focus on something simple, educative, entertaining but quite challenging. A PUZZLE!!!
Those with the right answers at the shortest time gets the best reward. Rewards should strictly be based on accuracy and time frame. @decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


The Bantu Friday Challenge has been fun so far but I believe it will be better if it doesn’t have a rigid structure. Every week, there can be a different challenge with the focus shifting to various applications of the blockchain.
A lot of people need to know more about the other uses of a blockchain not just the Defi part.
We can have a week where we talk about entrepreneurs giving value to their services through the blockchain or artists certifying their works as NFTs but rotating topics without it getting too serious.
Your entry for the challenge might even be a game but as far as it engages the community and provides knowledge, it should be alright.
The world is moving to blockchain and web3.0 fast but we are leaving a lot of people behind.
The reward should go to the most engaging and interesting ideas.


@Flexcodec Help promote the Bantu community, Bantu XBN in and around Ghana. Ubuntu That’s the spirit… and we shall be appreciative…


@mildosky thanks for your suggestions, however, what other criteria do you think can be employed in making judgement for the value of contents aside from the regular engagements - upvote and likes?

These can be influenced through varying means to favor even contents with less value and impact.